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A Page Out Of My Daily Journal Book

July 26th, 2012

A Page Out Of My Daily Journal Book




Good morning and good afternoon to all.

Waking up this morning I tell myself in a clear defined voice today will be a good day.

What should I be grateful for today? Why should I be grateful today?

I am grateful for the good health I receive today.

Grant me patience and virtue today.

Avoid all traps and distractions that people may want to invite into my life unwelcoming so.

With this said I ask to be granted positive wealthy influential people into my life.

Have no fear of what I ask for.

Have no worries. Smile.

Understand and appreciate the world that stands out in front of me.

Grant me trending creativity in all the art I continue to produce.

I am grateful to have a clear thinking positive mind as I begin my day.

I am grateful for the $32.00 dollars left on my welfare food card.

I have this amount left to spend on food expenses til August 11th 2012.

I am grateful for the beautiful weather. The moon.

I am grateful for the stars, the trees, the sun, the earth.

I am grateful for the water, the clouds, the rain, the warmth.

I am grateful for the safety and protection from all evil raging mad mother nature.

Grant me happiness today.

Grant me financial achievement today.

Grant me confidence.

Grant me positive dreams.

Grant me good health and well being today.

Be nice to people who are deserving of my kindness.

Try to love a little and hate allot less.

Have a good day.

So mote it be.

Jonathon Hansen.

Top Reasons why People Spend More Than They Earn

March 3rd, 2011

Top Reasons why People Spend More Than They Earn

Rule #1 of financial freedom is spending less than you earn. If you canít do that, youíll never be financially successful no matter how hard you work, how many hours you put in, how many promotions you receive, or how much money you make.

Itís a simple rule, and most would consider it common sense. But, the U.S. has a negative savings rate, meaning this common sense rule may not be so common place. I recently saw a statistic that claimed that about 43% of American families spend more than they earn each year.

Today was a good day

February 24th, 2011

Today was a good day. What did I learn today? I am grateful for the little things that shine through in big ways when least expected.
~Jonathon N Hansen.

Finished a new drawing

February 18th, 2011

Finished a new drawing

I am grateful for the creativity that I have been blessed with recently.
~Jonathon N Hansen