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Lake Michigan Driftwood Art

July 14th, 2011

Lake Michigan Driftwood Art

Here at Lake Michigan Driftwood art we help recycle unused material into something beautiful. We use 100 percent all natural driftwood that sits along our Michigan shore lines. We turn driftwood into beautiful painted wall art, outdoor garden art, screen porch greeting art, doorway entrance welcome art, home art, or for the leisure of your business wall art. Lake Michigan Driftwood art is originated from an idea that together as a people we can keep our beaches clean and safe for many generations to enjoy. Driftwood art has so much potential for so many uses. I am exploiting the positive things you can do with driftwood if you just imagine it with a little creativity and paint in mind. When you vision a piece of Lake Michigan Driftwood art you may begin to wander your imagination into the many wonderful powers that our waters have to offer us. Lake Michigan Driftwood art is one of them powers that you can appreciate for many years to come.

Jonathon N Hansen